When 11 April 2019 2:00 pm
Where Santarém Hotel Av. Madre Andaluz, Santarém


The importance of the Digital Economy and the correct use of the opportunities it offers constitute a reality sector that can not be alien, be it in the field of communication, or as a catalyst for sales through the use of digital channels and tools. Aware of the importance of this theme for the Sector Agrocluster promotes the E-AGRO INNOVATION Forum, with the objective of contributing to the promotion of the presence of enhancing their competitiveness through digital channels.


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Registration of participants
Opening Speech Carlos Lopes de Sousa Agrocluster
Project presentationAna Araújo Agrocluster Augusto Medina Portuguese Innovation Society
Digital Economy: Commerce and Marketing: e-Commerce Web marketing Paulo Rita NOVA IMS - Information Management School Access presentation here
Digital Economy: Platforms and analysis tools: e-Marketplaces Web analytics Beatriz Casais University of Minho - School of Economics and Management Access presentation here
Coffee break
E-Commerce/E-Marketplaces and the US Agroindustrial Sector Rick D'Ambrosio Agribeef/ Access presentation here
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Paulo Rita
Paulo Rita is Full Professor of Marketing, International Development Coordinator, Director of Marketing Analytics Lab, Director of Data Science for Marketing and Data Science for Hospitality and Tourism of NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), New University of Lisbon as a member of the executive committee of the European Marketing Academy. Paulo Rita has Aggregation in Marketing  (ISCTE), Post-Doctorate in E-Marketing (University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA), PhD in  Marketing (Cardiff University, UK), Graduate Certificate in Research and Methods Quantitative applied to Management (University of Glasgow, UK) and Degree in Organization and Business Management (ISCTE). His research interests focus on digital / social marketing media, consumer behavior / neuromarketing and tourism marketing.
E-Agro Innovation Forum - Potentialities of the Digital Economy: commerce and marketing Digital Economy offers companies a high potential for business expansion, refers to the increase in sales and notoriety through the use of digital channels. In order to explore more  these two aspects, Agrocluster invited Professor Paula Rita to address the theme of  business strategies and e-commerce strategies, as well as other relevant topics related to the web marketing, such as digital marketing and advertising or social, mobile and local marketing concepts. These and other relevant topics will be addressed at the E-Agro Innovation Forum, organized by Agrocluster - Cluster Agroindustrial do Ribatejo and dedicated to the theme "Digital Economy in the Agro-Food Sector: markets, approaches and tools".
Beatriz Casais
Beatriz Casais is a university professor in the area of ​​Marketing and Strategy, with a PhD in Sciences In Marketing and Strategy by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto since 2015. She currently collaborates as a guest teacher at Porto Business School, at the School of Economics and Management University of Minho, at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave and at the Instituto Português de Administration and Marketing of Porto (IPAM). It also engages in strategic consulting. In addition, he has professional experience in marketing and communication Porto and the Ministry of Health. He was also a journalist on Radio Renascença and in the Diário Económico newspaper. At their areas of interest focus on digital and social marketing, marketing communication and publicity.
E-Agro Innovation Forum - The potential of platforms and analysis tools: e-Marketplaces and Web Analytics 1262/5000 Taking into account the importance and timeliness of this theme, Agrocluster invited Professor Beatriz Casais to participate in the E-Agro Innovation Forum, in which it will deepen the role of e-Marketplaces while strategy tools with high potential for the agrifood economy, in distribution channels and the exploitation of new markets - such as the platforms for the implementation of internationalization strategies and / or for niche. In her intervention, Professor Beatriz Casais will also address, along with other topics, the importance the use of digital tools in understanding the market and monitoring relational logic. The E-Agro Innovation Forum, dedicated to the theme "Digital Economy in the Agro-Food Sector: markets, approaches and tools, "will take place on April 11, 2019, at 2:00 p.m., at Santarém Hotel, in Santarém.
Rick D'Ambrosio
Rick D'Ambrósio is Director of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce at Agribeef Company, responsible for B2C platform Rick D'Ambrosio is a manager with extensive experience in e-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Web Design, specialized in online based business development. Throughout his career he has collaborated with countless companies sectors - from the textile sector to the IT sector and, currently, to the agri-food sector -, contributing development and growth of their businesses through online channels. Agribeef, through its platform, is one of the largest global suppliers of American Wagyu and Kurobuta Pork.
E-Agro Innovation Forum - E-Commerce/E-Marketplaces and the US Agroindustrial Sector Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Digital Economy implies the adoption of new processes and barriers and challenges that may make it difficult to achieve the expected results. Aware of the challenges associated with the transition to the Digital Economy, especially with regard to Agro E-Commerce, Agrocluster invited the American expert Rick D'Ambrosio to share his experience on the difficulties companies can face in building their online presence and E-Commerce / E-Marketplaces. Major difficulties, current and future trends and key issues to be addressed account for a successful approach, are some of the issues that Rick D'Ambrosio will deepen in his intervention. These and other relevant topics will be addressed at the E-Agro Innovation Forum organized by the Agrocluster - Agroindustrial Cluster of Ribatejo and dedicated to the theme "The Digital Economy in the Agroalimentary Sector: markets, approaches and tools. "